West Harlem Art Fund


The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. is a thirteen old, cultural arts and preservation organization. WHAF offers exhibition opportunities for artists and creative professionals wishing to share their talent with residents uptown and around the City of New York. The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. showcases art and culture in open, public spaces to add aesthetic interest to our part of the city; promote historical and cultural heritage; and support community involvement in local development. Our organizational symbol is the double crocodile from West Africa.  Funtunmmireku-Denkyemmirreku means unity in diversity.

Public Art

Public art for the West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. can include traditional exhibitions, photo installations, storefront windows and live performances. Whether commissioned or through our festival program, The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. encourages audiences to not only think outside of the box – but to live outside the box.

 New York City is our canvas. In one of the greatest cities in the world, we have the opportunity to experiment ideas, re-shape open spaces & influence community development. But West Harlem is our home. Slowly becoming a creative hub where new restaurants, ferry service, and professional reside, West Harlem is experiencing an exciting change. And art will be a major focal point for this community that is home to great architecture, stunning views of the Hudson River and historic open spaces.



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