Luke Schumacher

Luke Schumacher was born in 1978 in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Luke studied welding and metal fabrication before turning seriously to sculpture and has been constantly producing works of art. After having several works on display in California, Schumacher switched his focus to the east coast.

His style is unique and constantly evolving. Luke’s works are very graceful with flowing energy, sensitivity to lines and geometric shapes. He takes his influence from nature and many of his pieces have playful theme to them.

In 2007, Schumacher moved to New York City and was accepted as an artist-in-residence at The Space in Long Island City. He has been in two group shows and participated in Armory Arts Week. His solo show in fall 2009 met with resounding success. Now, Schumacher has work in private collections on the east and west coast of the US, Europe and part of the permanent collections of Cerro Coso College, California and The Space, New York City.


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