Kurt Goodrich

In Kurt’s recent body of work there is a clear effort to shift our focus on the horizon line from the typical eye level perspective to a more critical location at the ground plane. For me, the need to make shelter is primal, whereas the need to make shelter representational is human, the point at which craft is filled with the potential for becoming art. All things come from the earth, just as all things will return to the earth. My work goes beyond sustainability and through a series of cuts and fills, revisits the work of Mary Miss, Michael Heizer and various other artists to shape the earth and its various attributable elements into large scale pieces that evoke this renewed focus on the ground plane. With my background in architecture, I’m more than comfortable working at full scaled within the landscape. The pieces shown here are reduce in size up to 1:90, never-the-less, they are evocative as art objects in and of themselves.



2 thoughts on “Kurt Goodrich”

  1. Meret Lenzlinger said:

    Your work is just absolutely lovely (though I’m an architect as well, so I have an affinity for this kind of work to begin with :-))–I’m trying to find something on line to show to people but can’t find anything. It would be lovely to see more than just the couple of stone ones that are on this and the myharlem.org site……

    Congrats about the show!

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